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eat your design is an initiative to promote the knowledge and understanding of systemic biomimicry, especially with regards to cyclical patterns in the built environment. Its focus is the research of reusable and biodegradable materials and their respective application in architecture, interior design, and industrial design. The research will be equally about process and result. Thinking in life cycles to close the gap at the end of a material life is an important facet of sustainability as we move toward the reduction of the consumption of fossil fuels, the reduction of waste, and carbon neutrality.

eat your design will act as a resource and knowledge exchange, bringing together designers and scientists. It will foster a dialogue between the disciplines to build mutually beneficial relationships. The research with regards to the built environment will be at the core of the work, but it will also touch upon philosophical and social components.

eat your design stands for understanding problems in a holistic manner to provide sustainable solutions.

The image below shows a rendering of the installation for Pratt Institute Greenweek 2014. For more information, visit eat your